The Pure Earth Act (PEA) was the necessary mandate from the U.S. Congress to the People, to clean up our Planet, much as our Mother would make us, her ornery, recalcitrant children clean up our room. The object of the cleanup, of course, being the rusted out hulks of crashed automobiles, the bits and pieces of broken plastic, glass, metal, assorted debris often intermingled with good dirt, the various toxic liquids in the creeks, rivers, waterways, lakes and oceans, pollutants in the air, genetic engineering of our food and the increasing radiation pervading all.

Lest our Mother perceive that we, her children, the People, in our teeming billions are the most pernicious of all her creations, the PEA was passed for our own good as our Mother gives us one more chance.

Oh look! She is flashing us the Peace sign — or is She counting to three!


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