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UPCOMING Year of the Outlaw Tour 2013 Events

   The April 2nd & the two May 12th rides are for sure – all others are penciled in — Please contact me about interest in any of those listed or if you have any local clean-up groups that I can join in with!

Newly confirmed rides:  April 21st, Santa Barbara and April 28th, San Luis Obispo

2 April          TAPIA CANYON, Castaic, Mountain Bike

6 April          ANTELOPE VALLEY, Mountain Bike

13 April        LAKE CASTAIC, Mountain Bike

21 April        LITTLE PINE, Santa Barbara, Mountain Bike

28 April        SAN LUIS OBISPO, Mountain Bike

5 May           ATASCADERO, Road Bike

12 May         SANTA CRUZ, Mountain Bike

12 May         SANTA CRUZ, Road Bike

19 May         SANTA CRUZ,  Mountain Bike

26 May         SAUSALITO, Mountain Bike

2 June         SAUSALITO, Road Bike

After the Reseda to the Sea Ride, I joined in several cycling events and clean-up events in the Joshua Tree area.  Thanks to the JOSHUA TREE CLEAN TEAM for organizing very successful clean-ups on March 16th and the 23rd.  On the 16th there was a 15-mile ride up to the top of Communication Tower Hill and on the 23rd, a nice 35-mile road ride in Pipes Canyon and Pioneer Town Loop.

I want to give a big shout out to the JOSHUA TREE CLEAN TEAM, a local organization dedicated to cleaning up their local sector of planet Earth.


March 10, 2013Reseda to the Sea

Reseda to the Sea
Classic ride since 1980:

Starting time is 11:00AM at the Caballero Canyon (right near the entrance to to Brea Mar Country Club).  We will run the traditional course, that is, to Mulholland, over to Palisades Highlands Road, onto Sunset, up Paseo Miramar, swing by Eagle Rock, and back to Hub Junction, and on to Caballero. 

All those interested, please RSVP to roborhr@sbcglobal.net to let us know you will be attending and your name will go into a drawing.  We will be giving away ten VVofA bronze Olympic coins and two t-shirts that commemorated mountain biking’s first year in the Olympics.


Year of the Outlaw 2013

Victor will be attending; involved in, and/or organizing several events in 2013 that will combine both Victor’s love of cycling as well as his concern for cleaning up the environment.  Many of these events will be recorded to provide updated material for the documentary.

Updates on events, meetings, and clean ups of your town, your state — this earth, our home — will be announced on this site as soon as schedules are firmed up.

If you have any event you think VVA would like to know about or be at, please email us at victorvincente@gmail.com and we will get back to you if we can add it to our schedule.


Work will soon start on a documentary which will include never seen before footage of the first double- transcontinental ride across the US made by Michael Beckwith Hilter, which literally created Victor Vincente of America as it was after this ride when he legally changed his name to Victor Vincente of America.

As more information becomes available, it will be posted here.  We currently have a Director/Editor and a Producer, both of whom have many years of experience and many awards for their work.


Victor is currently writing a novel based on his autobiography which will be available to read either online or through installments in an upcoming and to be named magazine.

New Product

Coming soon:

New fitted T’s with classic VVA designs as well as some new designs, including several that will represent Freeriding, one of the newest steps in the evolution that started back in the 70’s when several people pedaled their bikes off the road, onto the dirt and into the mountains.  You can view one of the new freeriding designs on Victor’s Timeline (see the “ABOUT” page).

Year of the Outlaw Tour 2013:

Victor is also printing up T shirts for several of the rides listed above in the “Year of the Outlaw Tour 2013” and there are bandannas available commemorating this year’s tour which is in preparation for the up-coming documentary as well as garnering some new and current footage of both Victor and several interviews with various characters!  (Please see Victor Vincente of America on Facebook to find out about bandannas.)



August – September 2012

Victor at Sunday Parkways in Portland and at Bike Friday Booth:

July 13, 2012

Death Ride
In the California “Alps”
Three mountain passes

August 12, 2012, Sunday



Virtual Victor by Skype or cell

August 19, 2012, Sunday


Meet & Greet @ Velo Cult Bike Shop at 7PM

1969 NE 42nd Avenue

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